The Perfection and Utility of Bamboo Houses

Bamboo Houses

Bamboo houses are environmentally friendly and they serve the purpose of residential unit with the rest of the specialties. Bamboo houses are commonly discerned in certain parts of South East Asia and here you can see abundance in bamboo growth. You can even see the bamboo houses in the remote areas with minimum funds, tools and perfect advanced technicalities. The bamboo house structure is popular in all global and local areas. These are common houses to be found in Northern Thailand and you have the best volunteering experiences to consider in opting for the bamboo houses in specific. Here is the article to help you understand the essentiality and structure of the bamboo houses with the kind of natural strength and neatness.

Zones of Bamboo Houses

It is important to discern the precedence of Low cost Bamboo House design especially in the agricultural zones. It is a house for those who are in love with nature and they have plans to invest less in making a home. The house is a common scenario in Nepal and also in other parts near and far. You see the houses primarily in the agricultural zones especially where there are rice fields and the specific farmlands as far as the eye could catch.

House for the Humanity

A bamboo house is the right habitat for humanity. The houses are green, organized and soothing to see and reside at the same time. Once you are on a trip to these places you can find the prevalence of the bamboo houses with all organized décor and potential style and sootiness. It is the type of house you can find at the rural countryside and many a times you would appreciate the adjacent view of the Himalayas. The background is highly pleasing and you are sure to love the freshness of the adjacent green with the best of beauty and refreshing significance.

Loving the Bamboo Housing Style

You can have the house in an area far away from the technological buzz. You have the house where tranquility prevails and experts here are trying to take advantage of Bamboo House Design in India. It is the rural home architecture you would love to have with all the essentialities. It is just the way you can unwind with the simplicity in existence and a house made of bamboo is always the necessity of the time if you are ready to leave extravaganza. You find the houses when travelling on the lap of Mount Everest and the experience is just out of the way special.

Making of the House

One is sure to love and appreciate the simplicity of Bamboo House Design. It is out and out extraordinary and in the case, you have no scope to think big and technologically. It is the traditional Nepali house construction style with the exemplary features in offer. The houses are made with all materials like wood, bamboo, mud plaster, the manually prepared concrete along with the corrugated metal. You can start to have the house any time you want as there is nothing to get ready in terms of finance.

Hassle Less bamboo House

It is simple and hassle free in the making of the bamboo houses. All the materials that you use in small bamboo house design are naturally available. Things can be sourced locally at the lowest cost and you can stay rest assured as Bamboo is the toughest building material you can have. Bamboo building material is highly versatile. The strength of bamboo can be compared with that of steel, concrete, wood and brick in compression. Bamboo is the most popular material used for the purpose of housing and you would love the natural feel and strength of the same when in usage.


1. How much does it cost to build a bamboo house in India?
It has already been discussed that bamboo houses are preferred for their simplicity and cost effectiveness. The houses can cost around Rs 6,000-7,000 per sq feet. Bamboo can be sources at the lowest cost and you don’t have to invest much for the purpose. A basic version of the bamboo house will include a bedroom and a bathroom and this can happen within a limited costing.

2. How do you build a bamboo house?
The bamboo house can be made in the most systematic manner. You first start with the building of the columns and the roofs. For this you have to cut the bamboo down to the correct size. Then it is time to split the bamboo and use the same in bits and pieces. If you want the house to have a clean appearance you should clean the bamboos in the first place. Then you need to weave the bamboos into the walls. Installation of the bamboo walls should happen the right way. Last comes the plastering of the floors and the walls making the house appear just brilliant.

3. Where are bamboo houses found in India?
The bamboo houses are commonly built in the Assam region. It is the best construction you can have in regions with heavy rainfall and frequent earthquakes. You have the ikra or the local reed to serve as the roof of the bamboo construction. The kind of house you can see in various parts of Assam. The structures are popular as Assam Type Housing and you can even call the same as Ikra Housing with all the exemplary features in offer.

4. Are bamboo houses safe?
If you have the whole house made with bamboo then it can be insufficient. Such a complete bamboo house is not stable. It is best to pile bamboo with the rest of the materials to enhance the stability of the structure. Using bamboo is extremely healthy and safe and if things are constructed the right way the house are sure to last for long. You can imagine the strength of the house as they are discernable in areas with frequent earthquakes. The house with bamboo should be constructed carefully to look right and serve for several years to come.

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